This page has links to various items relating to the Coates family, starting with Francis who came from Yorkshire in 1826 to Canada

If you wish to see the originals contact the Provincial Archives

You can go to for earlier Canadian history of the Coates family

You can also go to the Raesler Family Site for information on Malinda Raesler's family (OBC's wife)

For Wayne Coates' Pedigree Chart, hence Coates family history back to mid 1700s - Wayne's Tree

The table below gives links to Coates family information starting in Yorkshire with some up into the 1990s
F.A. Coates' Tonsorial Parlor, Peterborough, Ontario - Tonsorial Parlor F.A. Coates' barbering in Macklin, Saskatchewan - Macklin
Some Births, Deaths, Marriages - scans of documents - Look here F.A. Coates' Will - FAC's Will
F.A. Coates' children school certificates - School Certificates Amy Mabel Wright Coates' burial plot purchase - Amy's Burial Plot
Aberhart Covenant - Signed Documents Homestead Maps of FAC's property - Maps
Some Coates family photos from Ontario and Alberta - Photos FAC's Homestead and Grazing lease documents - Homestead files
The Coates in Ontario - Ontario Document Photos The Coates in Ontario - Ontario Headstone Photos
Map of Northumberland County Ontario in 1880 - Do a Search for Coates Ontario census and assessment records for 1827-1901 for Coates - Census
Ontario County Maps 1878 - Ontario Maps
FACs Boer documents - Boer Documents FACs Boer photos - Boer Photos
The Coates in Yorkshire - Maps of Relevant locations The Coates in Yorkshire - Yorkshire Photos
Miscellaneous Coates information and photos - Of Interest

The links below provide information relataive to O.B. Coates' family history, starting in the 1930s into the 2000s

OB Coates Family - 1930s through the 1950s OB Coates - the early years

OB Coates Family - 1960s OB Coates - beginning on the farm

OB Coates Family - 1970s OB Coates - carrying on with the farm

OB Coates Family - 1980 into 2000s OB Coates - carrying on with the farm, moving to town

OB and FAC properties, as well as Compeer in 1979 A bit of history

OB and FAC photos over the years Some more history

The links below provide information relative Wayne Coates family history, starting in 1947 to today

Wayne growing up - Early Years

Wayne and Pat, the early years - Early Years    Pat's page - Pat's Page

Wayne and Pat, Melfort Saskatchewan - 73-75 - Melfort

Wayne and Pat's Farm in Humboldt, Saskatchewan - 75-81 Humboldt Farm History    Humboldt Farm Animals   How it had changed in   2002  and then in 2017

Letter Pat wrote to her sisters describing our first year on the farm Pat's Letter

Wayne and Pat, Mt Lemmon (just outside Tucson Arizona) - 1981-2003 Mt. Lemmon

Wayne and Pat, Tucson Arizona - 1981- 2004 Tucson     Pat loved cats, so we had many when living there Our Cats    We took numerous world trips together Our Trips

Wayne, Pat and then Patricia, Sonoita Arizona - 2003 - 2011 Sonoita

Wayne and Patricia, Prescott Arizona - 2011 through 2017 Prescott

Wayne and Patricia, Prescott Arizona - More from 2017 through July 2019 Prescott2

Wayne and Patricia, Cheyenne Wyoming - July 2019 to end of 2020 Cheyenne

Wayne and Patricia, Cheyenne Wyoming - January 2021 to end of July 2023 Cheyenne

And finally, for information relating specifically to Wayne Coates - Wayne Coates